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INCONVENIENT IDEAL - The reason for the Trinity by Narasura-of-Kashi INCONVENIENT IDEAL - The reason for the Trinity by Narasura-of-Kashi
My characters Bhumi, Capricorn and Rosie are not just random characters I made for the fun of it. They are actually part of an experiment we can say, a sort of mental therapy I am working on. Now stay with me here and understand what I mean. A little over a year ago I was reading up on tantra (not the sex shit that is popularized and people think of as tantra) but practices on mental conditioning and what not. Specifically the Aghora Books. Now I would not necessarily recommend the book for sometimes it feels like it was written by a demented skitso but it did hold its brilliant gems.One such brilliant gem where the Aghori master talked about the personified shakti. Shakti we can say is your life force, your pure intent, your heart and soul. The Idea was this, give your SHakti, an aspect of your consciousness a form in your mind, and through this mental exercise learn to better understand your shakti. Shakti is feminine, he recomended giving it a motherly form, but since I have mommy issues, I decided to give my shakti a young girl form. And so was the birth of Bhumi. THe center character. SHe represents my emotions, my heart and my feminine quality. Now dont think I am crazy and its like an imaginary friend NO NO NO NO. This is a mental exercise to help me clarify a torbulent mind. So to make it work I decided to personify the other two aspects of my consciousness. My intellect and my ego. My intellect is represented by the left character, Capricorn, a morvid, cruel manipulative fiend. My ego is represented by the right character Rosie, a hot headed impulsive warrior. Now ego is given the male quality since it is the element of taking, the will, a masculine trait ( and no I dont mean penis, I am talking strictly in a conceptual way), but instead I chose to make it a female, since rosie being a girl, frankly because it is enough asshole male influence with capricorn.
SO anyways if I already made no sense at all, the way this mental therapy that I am talking about works this way. All three characters represent the 3 elements that make up my consciousness, My spirit, My ego and my intellect. They are meant to work together, to be in balance. when one of these elements acts out, things become turbulent. SO think about this, how many of lifes problems are caused by pride, or by a manipulative intellect?!?
and when you are able to identify more precisely where the problems comes from it makes it much easier than just being all confused and lost about just what is happening in your head.
the black tree behind Bhumi represents the inner darkness or ignorance and confusion every one has. It is a giant tree that has completely depleted the land and made it desolate. Thats why Capricorn, Rosie and Bhumi tend to find themselves in deserts a lot. Their purpose is to learn to work together, travel the wasteland and reach this terrible tree of ignorance
to cut it down
to cut it down
to cut it down

I need to train my heart, intellect and ego to work together. TO be strong and take out the true enemy
Zonia Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
You have a really unique style, really strong ideas, and I'm blown away.
Narasura-of-Kashi Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thank you so much :)
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October 31, 2012
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